we fix phones while you wait.

We are master in a wide range of fixing Laptops and PCs. On the off chance that you need your Laptop or PC to be fixed; Just call us. We will be there for your help. You need to simply just get in touch with us and as quickly as time permits to settle your concern.

Our staff is exceedingly prepared and proficient. We will attempt our best to settle the issue on spot. In any case, on the off chance that it won't be settled around then, our staff laborer will hold it to the lab to settle the issue of your PC and will convey you immediately as the workstation or PC got settled.

Else, we likewise have diverse Laptop parts like LCDs, motherboards, pivots, heatsink, and so forth. In the event that you need any of them, we will likewise give window establishment benefit. Whatever the issue will be, it will be settled energetic at your home.

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